Court Runs Plus - Specializing In Notarial Filing
 Court Runs Plus is a Professional Court Run Service that caters to the legal community of New Orleans and its surrounding areas within a 150 mile radius.  We specialize in Civil and Notarial filings and service of Civil Process.
  • New Suits, Motions walked thru to completion
  • Mortgages, Sales, UCC's, etc. filed and returned with recordation
  • Certified copies returned promptly
  • Research completed in a timely manner
  • Process Serving within a 150 mile radius of  Greater New Orleans 
  • Deliveries, any size or weight package  (advise if dolly is required)
  • If problems arise, we call you from court
  • Extensive knowledge of Greater New Orleans and the surrounding parishes
  • 24 years experience in all courts in and around New Orleans
              Monthly Contracts Available
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